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Get Adjust Now – A Mobile Chiropractor that comes to you to make you feel better.

Why go to the chiropractic office when we can come to you! Most services have gone from traditional to mobile. You can get anything delivered to your doorstep with just one click. More and more companies are introducing their mobile services to help out busy individuals and provide them with the convenience and time saving.

In today’s busy world, it tells me we are headed in the right direction. Offering mobile services to busy individuals for chiropractic care including providing alternative healthcare options to medicine will lead to a healthier and happier community.

Travel To You

This is the centerpiece of my mobile care. Providing care in the comfort of the practice member’s home or offices without disrupting your day.

  • At your convenience

  • No parking issues.

  • No need to coordinate child care

In Home Assessment

I see my practice members in their own space and understand how they live in a way most chiropractors never get to see.

  • Looking at how you sit in the office

  • Accessing how your home is set up ergonomically

  • Recommend how you could optimize your overall health and well being

No Waiting Room

No wasted time being stuck in traffic or sitting in a waiting room. Practice members LOVE THIS convenience!

  • No long hours of waiting

  • No worries about missing an appointment

  • No rushing to the Chiropractic office