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Rehabilitation Services

Building a better Foundation goes a long way. 

Everybody has two essential cores in their body. We are familiar with the core around our waist. We refer to that as our support core. There is another core that is within our body and that is referred to as the vertical core, like the core of an apple. We refer this vertical core as the communication core that connects the brain to the rest of your body through the nervous system.

This is why maintaining the health and integrity of your spine is essential. Once you establish a weak link, it can cause a structural instability and lead to damage of the soft tissues structure, intervertebral disks and even your spinal cord.

That is why we are taking a more custom and comprehensive approach to spine care. Pain is the last symptom to show and the first to go away. Therefore, it is bad to use as a measurement for your health. We are focusing not just on reducing pain, but on improving postural stability by developing a stronger, more flexible and healthier spine and body.

Myofascial Therapy.

We use Myofascial Release, Joint and Fascial Mobilization, active and passive motion therapies and therapeutic stretches for addressing soft tissue. (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc)

  • Tension headaches, neck and upper back stiffness.

  • Lower Back tightness and stiffness

  • Upper Extremities (Rotator Cuff, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc…)

  • Lower Extremities (Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, etc…)

Rapid Release Technology.

Rapid Release is the innovator of targeted high speed vibration therapy. It uses short stroke and high frequency that is well researched and documented. It is a natural, painless and lasting pain therapy.

  • It targets scar tissue via resonance frequency

  • It elicits the Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR) instantly releasing spasms

  • It floats and separate the fascia, allowing ease of movement

  • It increase blood flow, reducing hypoxia and releasing tension

Rehabilitation & Strengthening Exercises of the spine. 

Many clinical studies have shown that exercise is an effective treatment for chronic and recurring neck and lower back pain. Strengthening the supportive muscles of the spine in an isolated and progressive manner results in a stronger, more flexible and better functioning spine.

  • Prevent new injuries and avoid surgery

  • Reduce the frequency of flare-ups and recurrence

  • Improve core strength and mobility

  • Increase movement awareness

Postural Restoration & Functional Training

Functional training helps to thrive your daily life and activities. (i.e: walking, exercising, lifting) Functional training help to improve your daily movement patterns and restores your posture integrity so you can achieve your health goals and improve your lifestyle.

  • Increase mobility and flexibility

  • Improve posture and build lean muscles

  • Develop functional strength and endurance

  • Decrease fatigue and pain